Eat My Stardust presents:

Become A Revolutionary Expression Of Your Pain

 Evolve from emotional oppression to self-expression.
 Become empowered by your story, reveal your truths.
 Alchemise your pain into creative expression & poetry.
 Unleash your voice & authenticity.
 Step into your worth & creatively out grow shame & self-limiting beliefs.
 Be empowered by your emotions, sensitivity & vulnerability.

30 Days Of Creative Writing & Poetry Prompts
for Emotional Freedom & Expression

Encouraging Space  Lifelong Friends & Support  Brave Community


Write To Revolutionise 
Your Pain 

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“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.”

C A R L   J U N G

Write To Revolutionise Your Pain will help you to find power in your sensitivity, art in your vulnerability, sparkle in your suffering, imagination in your imperfections, and un-shame your pain into soulful purpose.

The most repressed feelings on the planet are sadness, anger, guilt, shame, and grief. In today's society, these emotions make us feel humiliated, isolated, and not enough.

The pain that has made you the odd one out, is the story that connects you to a healing world.

How you feel tells a story, holds a truth, and bonds you to the life around you. Emotional pain is a cry for freedom, a catalyst for change, a call to heal, an invitation to create, and a natural, invigorating part of being human. 

But we're taught to fear and repress unacceptable emotions. We learn that if they're witnessed or shared, that we'll be harshly judged or unfairly labelled. We then fear the deepest parts of ourselves, how we might behave, or who we'll become if we show our true colors.

Imagine a home inside yourself where every single emotion was welcomed, allowed and accepted. Imagine becoming more alive, authentic, and compassionate by how you feel, instead of making yourself wrong, defected, or unworthy.

Because for the torch bearer, pain teaches a different path, so that you can offer the world a new way.

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Write To Revolutionise Your Pain:

30 Days Of Creative Writing & Poetry Prompts
for Emotional Freedom & Expression

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Becoming emotionally literate, accepting, brave & expressive is an overdue cultural movement, a philosophical change, a new social standard. You don't have to hide anymore.

Tanya's NEW release: The She Book

Once a silent star in the sky, lost, alone and unnoticed, she began to dream her life awake.

Sensitivity brought light to her dark side and vulnerability found words for what her heart felt but could not say.

Pain helped her remember the power within her storm, the wisdom in her breakdowns and the healing visions hidden within her moonlit nightmares.

On her journey to shine from within her deepest ache, she blossomed from what felt like an insignificant twinkle to a blazing awakening woman.


Is Write To Revolutionise Your Pain for you?

  • You're exhausted seeking temporary happiness & want to be sustainably empowered by your emotions. 
  • You're hungry to dream your life awake — to live courageously authentic, creatively, healthier, freer & more fulfilled.
  • You're struggling with your emotions, making it hard to fill your space in the world, let alone be a positive force.
  • You can't find the first step, are feeling alone and unsupported, but know you have something to offer if you could just find your worth.
  • You hear the call to to walk your talk, share your story, live & dive into your truths, magnetise your tribe & start new.


Own everything that makes you different and you.

This 30-day journey is my personal invitation to anyone who is willing — to welcome possibility into what has felt impossible, to reveal a personal brand of beauty, to allow a tender sense of humour, to ignite creativity and imagination on a path of courageous self-expression and reinvention.

During our 30-day experience together, we'll dive into creative writing & poetry prompts with the intention to:

  • Develop the language of your feelings. Become emotionally literate, grow emotional awareness and improve confidence.
  • Feel more alive. Instead of trying to change, numb or shun how you feel, we'll lean in to our emotions & rest into the wholeness of ourselves without judgement.
  • Develop and reveal your creative expression through writing and poetry. No experience is required, just curiosity and a willingness to explore.
  • Risk being vulnerable, sensitive & authentic. We'll step out of  "wronging" our emotions, hiding our true colours & open ourselves to self-empowerment.

"You are the sky. Everything else – it's just the weather."

P E M A   C H O D R O N

This course will invite you to be "the sky", to be empowered by all the changes, seasons, cycles — by the weather of your emotions...

To no longer stunt, shame, or hide the brilliance of all that you are.

To evolve away from the paradigm that humans should only be a couple of "acceptable" emotions. 

To embrace all the authentic reasons why you feel the way you feel.

To be a home for every emotion, so that no part of you is made to believe it is defective, wrong, or should be self-sabotaged.

To embrace that it's okay to not fit in all the time, that as much as the world tries to make us all the same, we are innately different, and that those differences, emotions, and expressions can all be celebrated.


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Words from our stardusted community:

"Eat My Stardust is like no course you will ever have taken before. This I promise you. It will leave you changed. You will be challenged, pushed and lovingly encouraged to look into all the dark corners of your existence. And having faced the shadows of your shame, you will emerge victorious, triumphant and ready to take on the World. If you are feeling stuck, frustrated or as if your life lacks some sparkle, this is absolutely the course you have been waiting for. Take it and begin to shine."

Diane Scurr

"This course was phenomenal. I have been on a healing journey for many years, have since become a healer myself, guiding people on their own healing journeys. However, with your program, I managed to travel deep into my soul, to become more vulnerable, to allow myself to share my vulnerability with you all, and to release some deep rooted shame I was carrying. That alone was worth the course. I also connected so deeply to writing poems. I'm nowhere an expert of course, but writing poems has helped me open up in a way I couldn't before with my writing. This is something I will pursue further, and if you have any writing courses coming up, I'd be the first one to continue with you. Thank you so much for this amazingly well put together course. I can see you poured your heart blood into it."

Lais Stephan

"Eat My Stardust came at a time when I was feeling less sparkly than I usually do, and I needed some guidance through the darkness. This course reminded me that I cannot move through what I haven't yet truly allowed myself to feel, and gave me the tools to do just that. I am so grateful I found this course when I did, and I look forward to more courses like it in the future!"

Christy Williams

"It's difficult to write something concise about a course that touches every pore of your being & effects every aspect of your life - but that is what Eat My Stardust does. I came here seeking poetry, but became a poem instead. This course is raw & real, light & sparkle - presented in such a unique way that the facilitator shares herself, & your story with you in a space that is warm, safe, inviting & gently forceful. If you are prepared to challenge yourself & your way of being in the world, to open yourself up to the infinite wonders of the universe & your place in it - do yourself a favour & take this course. You're worth it."

Cheryl Boulton

"Eat My Stardust exceeded my hopes. You offered a step by step plan for walking me through my recovery. I can’t thank you enough. Although I know I will be dealing with issues for a long time to come, I now have some coping skills to deal with them. Plus, I can go back through the lessons again if I feel myself weakening and falling back into self-blame and dissociation. This has been a fantastic experience (painful too, yes)."

Fai Dawson

"Eat My Stardust is an enlightening program that helps to remind you of your inner strength. This in turn leads you to inner peace. Tanya is incredibly insightful and knows just how to usher in a reaction for productive work and movement. I will be going over this again and again because there will always be something to learn."

Renee Furlow

"Eat My Stardust!! It's time to (lovingly) accept that for the most part, we've been allowing ourselves to be held captive by our stories, our traumas & our wounds. This inhibits our relationships, our creativity, and our ability to connect deeply with purpose. Tanya has been in the "unwinding" of her own stories, wounds, and traumas since I met her almost ten years ago. She's living the process, and in her own unique, playful, fierce, funny and sparkly way, gently guides (and sometimes tugs on your ponytail) others down the winding road that ultimately leads back to our own hearts, and belonging to the one who desires us most, ourselves. This course offers a glitter trail of practices, reflections, and activities to anyone who is looking to "reclaim their inner sparkle" and is ready to let go of anything and anyone who dulls their shine."

Jessica Durivage-Kerridge

"Eat My Stardust was an wonderful journey to be a part of. It opened up a new way for me to look at my shame and to treat myself a little kinder. It helped me to slow down and realize the negative self talk going on in my head which has helped me to feel more in charge of who I am becoming..."


"You want to get down to the nitty gritty and open up your creative channels again? Do this course! Thoughtful, heartfelt, genuine, authentic love work. Do you feel alone? Weird? Different? Are you a mystic, a poet, a writer, an actor, a storyteller? Do this course! I found my tribe doing Eat My Stardust. I now know I'm not alone and my tribe is scattered across the earth but we are together in doing this truthful work. It was some of the best money I have ever spent. Tanya is a wonderful and kind and supportive person. It shows in the course and you can read it in her comments. I've been following her for years."

Kenna Fisher

"Tanya's magic is inspiring. Her authenticity brings the truth in our insights and revelations. Her way of leading a journey is very creative and unique. Thank you so much."

Ana Muriel

"I came across EMS at just the right time. Tanya offers depth and insight with her own creative flair that I believe will leave a lasting impact, if you’re willing to do the work. The most fulfilling part of the course, for me, was the sense of community. There is something very powerful and inspiring about collectively facing inner shit. I am excited to take the next course."

Amanda Butcher

"Eat My Stardust was magical. I appreciated the show-up, real sh*t content which helped me look at myself. Add that to community that also were dealing with their real sh*t. I never knew a 3-week course could make such an impression."


"There was quite a bit of magic in this 21 day excursion even deeper into my self. I am ever grateful to Tanya for creating this course and though I took the course at my own pace, it was definitely revivifying and invigorating to my heart, mind, and Spirit. Thank You Dearly! "

Bryan C. Warne

"A confrontation with yourself on many levels and an incredible journey made by Tanya. The insights, the feelings, the questions made are touching mentally, physically and spiritually. It brought up so many things that I am still working on. The daily tasks were clear, but could take you to another time and place. This was in a amazing beautiful group of people. Brave, scared, amazing beautiful souls. Helping each other, sharing with each other and opening up. Thank you Tanya for this sparkling opportunity."

Veer VK

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure that you seek.”

J O S E P H   C A M P B E L L

What You Get And When 

The course runs for 30 days: February 1, 2018 to March 2, 2018.

Upon sign-up, you'll get access to a virtual realm (classroom) where you can access everything for this experience. It's simple and you don't need any experience.

Each day, for 30 days, you will receive a creative writing or poetry prompt. You will receive notification when the prompts are ready via the email address you signed up with.

You'll also be invited to a private Facebook community for members only that will be accessible to you until the end of Time or end of Facebook.

We will create art. We will explore a healing expression. We will learn to rest within our emotions, and walk one another home.

You might laugh. You might cry. You might break apart, and you might just discover something new, gorgeous and amazing about yourself. 

I will be present every single day of this 30-day experience and will answer all of your questions.

This is a claiming of your emotional pain, your whole self, and the birthing of the revolutionary expression of you.

Questions I've been asked:


What will I need to participate?

A high-speed Internet connection, laptop/computer and a legit email address. When applicable, some attachments (PDF, audio) may not be visible via mobile. The private Facebook discussion group is optional, so you do not need a Facebook account. 

How much time will this course take?

It's individual and up to you. A little bit everyday is better than skipping days. Consistency is warriorship.

What happens if I miss something?

All the emails and information will be accessible in our virtual realm for the duration of the course.

Is there a refund policy?

Due to the discounted price of this course, there are no refunds. If you have any questions, email: [email protected].

Additional Inquiries:

[email protected]

About Tanya Markul:

I'm an author, poet & the creator of Thug Unicorn by Tanya Markul.

I'm also a certified yoga teacher (1K Certified Yoga Teacher Training hours & 10+ years of teaching experience) and a Zen Meditation Teacher Training student of Asger Knudsen. 

I'm a highly sensitive person known for my quirkiness, sense of humour, and ability to engage my audience with real-life insights. My work is inspired by personal tragedy, messiness, dreams, and triumph. My mission is to un-shame pain and transform it into soulful purpose.

I believe there is no greater classroom than life in this body, and that inner peace is found through courageous acceptance of the Self. I believe in the power of Nature and the magic of a community intimately connected to all life forms. 

I'm dedicated to helping others by holding sacred space for their stories, and by unlocking the impossibility of shape-shifting their pain into soul-led empowered purpose. My medicine beckons the brave curiosity to look within, brings a sense of humour to cracked surfaces, unveils the beauty of hidden authenticity, and conjures the courage to love and accept oneself in this lifetime.

I empower with words, the unseen world, sensitivity and vulnerability.

Get to know me better:

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