Because We Grow From The Places That Hurt...

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Eat My Stardust is an Unconventional, New & Refreshing Approach to Feeling, Healing and Revealing the Sparkle that is You.

Find power in your sensitivity, art in your vulnerability, sparkle in your suffering, imagination in your imperfections, and un-shame your pain into soulful purpose.

Illustration by: Tim Bjørn

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.

J O S E P H • C A M P B E L L

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21-Days of:
Storytelling, Mind Magic Practices, Poetry & Creative Writing Exercises, Earth Power, Dream Work & Moon Cycles.


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Do you often wake up with what feels like a 200 pound heart and a 10,000 year old soul? Are you falling into patterns of self-sabotage before you even step out of bed?

Are you trying to fit into a world you don't belong to anymore — despite your dreams?

Does it feel too scary to embrace your emotional scars? Are you sacrificing your truths? Feeling too wounded or ashamed to reveal a stronger version of you?

What if you woke up today and weren't afraid anymore?

I believe it isn't a question of whether you have what it takes, but if you're willing to see yourself in a new light. It's a question of saying:

I accept who I am today.
And forgive who I was.
I did the best I ever could.
I’m new now.

The moment you become aware, that the only thing holding you back is a disbelief in your own power, you kick your inner shit’s ass and change everything forever and ever, and never again will be who you were.

Are you curious about your pain?

This 21-day deep dive is my personal invitation to anyone who is willing to journey to the other side of pain — to welcome possibility, beauty, sense of humour and imagination to a path of intuitive and courageous self-love and reinvention.

Inspired by my own life experiences, this offering will journey through three interlinked gateways — Feeling, Healing and Revealing.

Here's the breakdown:


I'll share insights from my personal struggle, how I became sensitive to my own stored experiences of loss, rejection, betrayal, and abuse. I'll share with you unapologetic insights (Thug Unicorn style) and empowering, raw knowledge on how my childhood experiences severely altered my way of thinking about myself and consequently, my surroundings.

You won't be asked to change your story of pain but to creatively explore it from new points of view.

Learn to hold your own hand.


You'll dive into mass relatable issues, like how to nourish and nurture an empowered body image, define and grow self-worth. You'll focus on "replenishing" versus “removing” — on filling inner empty spaces with sources of positive energy, craft, and sustenance versus using methods that focus on elimination.

You'll be invited to examine your armour, to face your kryptonite and to redefine what it means for you to be emotionally strong.

May we ALL experience what it truly means to love and accept ourselves in THIS LIFETIME. 

Restore the feeling of home in your body.


Mission: un-shame pain into soulful purpose and step both feet onto the path of your truths. Create new standards to rise and thrive from. Tear down the buffers, walls and self-limiting beliefs that keep you from You.

Rekindle your love affair with Nature and how the wild can help you to feel, heal and reveal your true self.

Rewrite your fairytale — your personal story of struggle to sparkle.

Sparkle-Up for 21 Days

What to expect...

✔  Inhale: Transform pain into a refreshing passion for life.
◦   Exhale: relief, acceptance of your past experiences
✔  Inhale: Reinvent who you are + invite your soul to the front line. 
◦   Exhale: renewed focus, clarity of vision
✔  Inhale: Celebrate your body + make peace with your whole self.
◦   Exhale: self-acceptance, confidence
✔  Inhale: Strengthen your mind + creative muscles. 
◦   Exhale: stronger and more creative mind
✔  Inhale: Embrace that you are not alone with your struggles. 
◦   Exhale: comfort, release from the burden of feeling alone


Inhale: Own your weird.

◦ Exhale: empowerment, just the beginning


21-Days of: Storytelling, Mind Magic Practices, Poetry & Creative Writing Exercises, Earth Power, Dream Work & Moon Cycles.

About me

Tanya Markul

I'm the creator of Thug Unicorn by Tanya Markul, The Urban Howl, Waking Wild, and co-creator of True North Sisters. I'm a poet, dreamer, mama, a certified yoga teacher (1,000 Certified Yoga Teacher Training hours & 10+ years of teaching experience). I'm also a Zen Meditation Teacher Training student of Asger Knudsen. 

I'm a highly sensitive person known for my quirkiness, sense of humour, and ability to engage my audience with real-life insights. My work is inspired by personal tragedy, messiness, dreams, and triumph. My mission is to un-shame pain and transform it into soulful purpose.

I believe there is no greater classroom than life in this body, and that inner peace is found through courageous acceptance of the Self. I believe in the power of Nature and the magic of a community intimately connected to all life forms. Read more about me here.

Get to know me better:

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What You Get And When 

The course runs for 21 days: September 21, 2017 (New Moon) to October 11, 2017 (Last Quarter Waning Moon).

Upon sign-up, you'll get access to a virtual realm (classroom) where you can access everything for this experience. It's simple and you don't need any experience.

At the start of each 7-day cycle (Feel, Heal & Reveal), you will receive an inspirational overview, a talk and other tools.

Each day you'll get a sweet offering (all my personal style + uninhibited method) that will include one or more of the following: Storytelling, Mind Magic Practices, Poetry & Creative Writing Exercises, Earth Power, Dream Work & Moon Cycles.

You'll also be invited to a private Facebook community for members only that will be accessible to you until the end of Time or end of Facebook.

We will create art. We will learn to sit with ourselves. We will be intuitively guided by our breathe, and we'll walk each other home.

You might laugh. You might cry. You might break apart, and you might just discover something new, gorgeous and amazing about yourself. 

I will be present every single day of this 21-day experience and will answer all of your questions.

Every day for 21 days, you'll be offered armfuls of...

•  Mind Magic Practices to get you into a healing state of mind.

•  Tips for how to use your Imagination as a tool to break-through.

•  Learn to use your Dreams for insight and wisdom.

•  Use the Cycles of the Moon to become emotionally strong and literate.

•  Self-express through the mediums of Poetry, Prose, Creative Writing.

•  Use the power of Storytelling to explore the metaphors of our unconscious.

•  Inspiration for Nature Explorations.

This is an invitation to bring your soul out from behind you and to the front line of your life.

This is a claiming of your emotional pain; it's a walk in the dark, and a birthing of something new.

Download 7 of my favourite short poems in my FREE mini e-book: 

Is Crazy But Believes In The Power Of Trees
Sweet and empowering words to share with warrior friends + soul sisters.

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Ignoring pain keeps us from the adventure of our lifetime.

The most soulful path can seem like the most impossible choice and can feel like a perpetual state of waiting.

We wait for permission. We wait for a sign. We wait for the right moment. We wait to be perfect. We wait to receive that which was always ours: this one and only, precious life.

To break the state of waiting, we must choose to seek and discover what is compelling us from within. 

Sometimes you just have to say, "F*ck this." It's not my thing anymore. And it's not nourishing my soul. #nohardfeelings

And be on your way to what does.

"I'm sure you get a billion messages a day, I wanted to add one to your list. Your words have inspired me more than I can say. They have gotten me through good and bad times and have inspired me. I greatly admire you and your abilities to uplift and touch others in such a meaningful way. You have truly inspired me."

Nicole R.

"Your words of wisdom have been such answer to my prayers! They always seem to be exactly what I need to read. Today being one of them!"

Christina S.

"I love that fact that you acknowledge all this healing process is so hard and messy but you end with a loving touch that keeps me, and I am sure others as well, going. Please do not stop."

Brian S.

"I love your writing! Your use of words bypasses the intellectual 'head stuff' and hits the heart full on, in a way that flings it wide open without bruising. Keep up your crusade on behalf of all us sensitive people. You give us a voice and we appreciate it in so many ways."

Lisa M.

"It helps to read what you post because it’s about as close as I come to feeling like someone or something out there understands me even a little bit. Thanks. I appreciate what you do."

Kelly H.

"I read your messages everyday with such gratitude. You see the pain and go beyond it straight out of the victim role. Thank you. Believe me, I have a life filled with traumas and deep shit, but your messages remind me that I am in the now, living, being the magical being I am despite the past. Thank you."

Antoinette P.

"Holy shit, I need you! I need this in my life right now. RIGHT NOW. Right on time. My soul is damaged and feels hope and healing in your posts, in your words, and in your guidance. You actually speak to my broken heart in a way that no other source out here does. And I just need that right now. And I wanted to let you know. And to say, "Thank you." I am so glad that I happened upon you at just the right phase of this process."

Tricia M.

I believe in your risk.

My intention is to make this experience a loyal, light-hearted, awesome companion to anyone struggling, and proof that nobody is alone even though each person’s pain is unique.

So whether you're a longtime inner truth + peace seeker, or you just started on the path, I hope you will discover transformational inspiration here + a loving nudge to continue living a life you love.

May we all remember that self-love and self-acceptance are the doors to a different life, and a new you. #iamworthy

Find power in your sensitivity, art in your vulnerability, sparkle in your suffering, imagination in your imperfections, and un-shame your pain into soulful purpose. #eatmystardust

Be Notified ♥ of Next Time

Because we all know, you can't hide from your inner shit.

I began writing poetry when I was six years old, but stopped when loss, rejection and abandonment broke my heart. I spent years feeling strange and misunderstood, with an ache to create but too hurt to move. After decades of depression, anxiety and self-destruction, I began to share the scarred lining of my hopeful heart and was greeted by other wounded dream weavers, love warriors, and magic makers. And now, together, we're walking each other home. #sparkletribe


If you have any questions, comments, or just want to share, email me anytime at:

[email protected]

Questions I've been asked:

Why is this course called "Eat My Stardust"? 

I've realised that in order to jump both feet onto any path of self-healing, I've had to stop caring about what other people think, what my inner critic thinks, and how my personal monsters feel — and that, at least for me, takes a lot of courage. More than I ever thought I needed. So I want to convey that message with a name that fits. #noapologies

My intention with EAT MY STARDUST is to awaken that confident energy in you. The part of you that isn't afraid to do things differently, that isn't afraid of starting again, and isn't afraid to be curious. #whatif

In a way, EAT MY STARDUST is a message to your demons, to those naysayers, to your self-limiting beliefs and to all the inner crap that holds you back. Cause it's time to rewrite your fairytale and awaken to the fierce self-love you've been worthy of your entire life. #eatmystardust

R.I.P. Old Self — You Served A Great Purpose!

What will I need to participate?

A high-speed Internet connection and a legit email address. The private Facebook group is optional, so you do not need a Facebook account. 

How much time will this course take?

Hmm. It's individual and up to you. I hope that you will spend at least 30 minutes to two-hours everyday of our 21 days together. Think at least 30 minutes! A little bit everyday is better than skipping days. Consistency is warriorship!

What happens if I miss something?

All the emails and information will be accessible via your inbox and in our virtual realm for the duration of the course.

Is there a refund policy?

I'll take refund requests for the first 24 hours from the time of purchase for purchases made before September 21, 2017. If you wish to request a refund, email: [email protected].

Once upon a time, there was a story of you...



May You Lean In

May you lean into the change you are being called towards. May you find the courage to trust yourself and shout YES to the burn of transformation. May you let go of all the non-essential parts of yourself, and ignore the fading, fear-filled voices. This is where you cross the river. This is where you stop being the scared person you once were. This is where you shoot out of the cracks you've fallen into. This is where the waiting ends and a new voice is birthed. A voice you recognise as your own, the new you. There's no going back, because no one's gonna save you, except you.
 May you lean in, baby. 
May you lean in.

With Special Guest Appearances

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