Eat My Stardust is an Unconventional, New & Refreshing Approach to Feeling, Healing and Revealing the Sparkle that is You.

Find power in your sensitivity, art in your vulnerability, sparkle in your suffering, imagination in your imperfections, and un-shame your pain into soulful purpose.

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Praise from the Sparkle Tribe:

"Eat My Stardust is like no course you will ever have taken before. This I promise you. It will leave you changed. You will be challenged, pushed and lovingly encouraged to look into all the dark corners of your existence. And having faced the shadows of your shame, you will emerge victorious, triumphant and ready to take on the World. If you are feeling stuck, frustrated or as if your life lacks some sparkle, this is absolutely the course you have been waiting for. Take it and begin to shine."

Diane Scurr

"This course was phenomenal. I have been on a healing journey for many years, have since become a healer myself, guiding people on their own healing journeys. However, with your program, I managed to travel deep into my soul, to become more vulnerable, to allow myself to share my vulnerability with you all, and to release some deep rooted shame I was carrying. That alone was worth the course. I also connected so deeply to writing poems. I'm nowhere an expert of course, but writing poems has helped me open up in a way I couldn't before with my writing. This is something I will pursue further, and if you have any writing courses coming up, I'd be the first one to continue with you. Thank you so much for this amazingly well put together course. I can see you poured your heart blood into it."

Lais Stephan

"Eat My Stardust came at a time when I was feeling less sparkly than I usually do, and I needed some guidance through the darkness. This course reminded me that I cannot move through what I haven't yet truly allowed myself to feel, and gave me the tools to do just that. I am so grateful I found this course when I did, and I look forward to more courses like it in the future!"

Christy Williams

"It's difficult to write something concise about a course that touches every pore of your being & effects every aspect of your life - but that is what Eat My Stardust does. I came here seeking poetry, but became a poem instead. This course is raw & real, light & sparkle - presented in such a unique way that the facilitator shares herself, & your story with you in a space that is warm, safe, inviting & gently forceful. If you are prepared to challenge yourself & your way of being in the world, to open yourself up to the infinite wonders of the universe & your place in it - do yourself a favour & take this course. You're worth it."

Cheryl Boulton

"Eat My Stardust exceeded my hopes. You offered a step by step plan for walking me through my recovery. I can’t thank you enough. Although I know I will be dealing with issues for a long time to come, I now have some coping skills to deal with them. Plus, I can go back through the lessons again if I feel myself weakening and falling back into self-blame and dissociation. This has been a fantastic experience (painful too, yes)."

Fai Dawson

"Eat My Stardust is an enlightening program that helps to remind you of your inner strength. This in turn leads you to inner peace. Tanya is incredibly insightful and knows just how to usher in a reaction for productive work and movement. I will be going over this again and again because there will always be something to learn."

Renee Furlow

"Eat My Stardust!! It's time to (lovingly) accept that for the most part, we've been allowing ourselves to be held captive by our stories, our traumas & our wounds. This inhibits our relationships, our creativity, and our ability to connect deeply with purpose. Tanya has been in the "unwinding" of her own stories, wounds, and traumas since I met her almost ten years ago. She's living the process, and in her own unique, playful, fierce, funny and sparkly way, gently guides (and sometimes tugs on your ponytail) others down the winding road that ultimately leads back to our own hearts, and belonging to the one who desires us most, ourselves. This course offers a glitter trail of practices, reflections, and activities to anyone who is looking to "reclaim their inner sparkle" and is ready to let go of anything and anyone who dulls their shine."

Jessica Durivage-Kerridge

"Eat My Stardust was an wonderful journey to be a part of. It opened up a new way for me to look at my shame and to treat myself a little kinder. It helped me to slow down and realize the negative self talk going on in my head which has helped me to feel more in charge of who I am becoming..."


"Eat My Stardust was magical. I appreciated the show-up, real sh*t content which helped me look at myself. Add that to community that also were dealing with their real sh*t. I never knew a 3-week course could make such an impression."


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